Just like in humans, blood work is an essential part of a diagnostic picture in pets. When you do blood work on your pet, we ensure that we do all the tests needed to ensure there is a complete picture. The Doctor will test to ensure that Red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets are functioning properly, they will also check electrolytes to assess for imbalances, and a panel that has all required tests will look at all organ functions. That is more than 25 tests to aid the Doctor in diagnosing or to ensure your pet is healthy. At Albion Animal Hospital, our blood work is done in-house, so you can have an answer quickly.

Our In-house blood test offers a basic group of tests, which provides information regarding many general health problems. These tests can help point to a diagnosis, particularly if the animal has signs and a history that could make it difficult to determine the problem. Based on the results of this group of tests, other tests may be carried out as needed to reach a definite diagnosis.

At Albion Animal Hospital, we determine pet wellness through veterinary examinations and laboratory tests. For more information, call us at (604) 487-2300 today.

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