As the name suggests, general surgery cases include almost all of the parts of the body. It is important to understand how the various different body systems work together and to develop a surgical plan that fits accordingly. As certified veterinarians, our surgeons have undergone extensive training to prepare them to handle a broad spectrum of cases. These cases involve diseases and conditions related to areas such as the abdominal cavity, lungs, skin, cardiovascular system, spleen, liver, and reproductive tract. Our surgeons are also equipped to handle trauma cases such as lacerations, burns, and blunt force injuries.

How Is My Pet Prepared For Surgery?

The first step before performing an anesthetic procedure such as surgery is to make sure the patient can be safely placed under anesthesia. To do this, a veterinarian will perform a pre-op exam and run diagnostics (blood work and/or xrays) to determine if the patient is healthy enough for anesthesia. Once your pet is cleared for surgery, the veterinarian will place a catheter (if one has not been placed already) and administer an intravenous sedative. Your pet will then be intubated and connected to an anesthesia machine that provides a combination of oxygen and gas anesthetic.

At this point, a technician will note the time of intubation, and begin recording the patient’s vital signs (heart rate, respiration rate, temperature etc) until after surgery when the patient is awake. The final step before moving the patient to the surgical suite is cleaning the area where the veterinarian will be operating. This involves shaving a wide margin of hair to prevent contamination, and performing a preliminary cleansing scrub. Once this is complete, the patient is transferred to the operating room where the surgical site is receives a final scrubbing to sterilize it for surgery.

At Albion Animal Hospital, we determine pet wellness through veterinary examinations and laboratory tests. For more information, call us at (604) 487-2300 today.

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